1815 ivory silk twill

This is my favourite dress at the moment!  I love the feel of the silk and it is so light-weight that you feel as if you are floating, especially with the swirl of the skirt with its flounce.  I had been saving the fabric for something special, so when another fashion show came up, I made it my goal to make this.  The pattern is my favourite draw back dress from Folkwear, the Empire gown.  I added a small ruffle at the neckline at front, used the shorter puffy sleeves, and added sleeve extensions similar to those on my bib-front Past Patterns dress.  There is a very narrow waistband under the lace, it helps to stabilize the join between two sets of gathers, especially with a lightweight fabric.

Ivory silk twill   ivory silk twill back

There is fine lace at the waist and on the sleeves, and the ruffle at the bottom has piping in the edge which gives it a lovely bounce.  The buttons are hand made and there is a drawstring at neck and waist.  The one at the neckline is anchored at the front side corners of the opening, and draws both to the front and the back.  This allows for individual adjustments.  I find I can leave the dress buttoned up except for the waist and pull it over my head……making it possible to put it on without help.

ivory silk twill short sleeve    ivory silk twill long sleeve   

The short sleeve is on the left, and on the right is the wrist opening of the long undersleeves which have tape binding the top which is basted securely to the inside of the short sleeve cuff for the long sleeved version.

ivory silk twill buttons     ivory silk twill bodice front

I’ll be wearing this with the long sleeves and the striped silk spencer for day wear, and with short sleeves and the turban (to come!) for evening balls.

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  1. looks really eerie, even just looking at the dress’s cut. perfect for the proverbial lady in white!

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